Large wooden carved mythical faces: Intro, # 1

Exclusive can be different. There are luxury items made from year to year in a limited edition. A lot of them looks similar, and the brand name is the only difference. There are antiques of all ages and varying degrees of preservation — old serial things left in a small quantity. Exactly the same things will never appear again, of course, but there in fact certainly nothing unusual, and their fate is only a narrow circle of collectors. And there are unique things of nowadays, entirely unlike any other, that excepting their talented and creative authors in the world makes no one.
Away from the tourist spots, by simple but rich creative life lives one person. He has no pupils, he had no teachers. He works in his special technique, trusting no one its secrets. He is extracting from wood large unusual faces. Faces not from our world. Risible, sullen, good-natured, harsh, lively, laid-back, — different. He sees them in his dreams, drawing from family memory, and even, as we sometimes think spies in some other reality. Some of his faces could be faces of old pagan gods — or, perhaps, have been? Others — of good and not very good spirits, and others — of simple mythical creatures, so to speak. Getting to work he never knows exactly what — or, rather, whose — the face gets out of the tool in his strong talented hands, and often finds himself amazed at the results. Time goes unnoticed day by day at work, and when from the thickness of the wood finally emerges new face — perhaps at this moment magic borns.

Good opportunity to buy an absolutely unique wall mask from Island of Gods — a large mythical face of wood. Inexpensive delivery up to your local post office.

$ 850

Wooden mask-face to the wall # 1. Height 73 cm, width 47 cm, volume 22 cm. Author’s piece work, exclusive.

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To the faces made long time ago can be given a look of newly made ones.

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